TAFE SA professional development short courses teach new skills and keep your professional knowledge up to date. Stay abreast of evolving policies and practices in your field, and keep pace with industry standards and expectations. 

60 Professional Development Short Courses


Arts and Design


Building and Construction


Business and Marketing

Course Name   Duration
Everyday Bookkeeping with MYOB 8 weeks Part Time
Job Costing Techniques 8 weeks Part Time
Manage Budgets and Forecasts 12 weeks Part Time
Management Accounting Analysis 12 weeks Part Time
Management Accounting Applications 10 weeks Part Time
Operational Budgets 8 weeks Part Time
Prepare Financial Reports 8 weeks Part Time
Prepare Financial Reports for Company 16 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
ASIC RG 146 Financial Planning 20 weeks Part Time
Essential Business Skills 3 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Project Scoping - Fundamentals 2 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Prepare Income Tax for Businesses 16 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Public Sector PD - Contribute to Health and Safety of Self and Others 5 weeks Part Time

Community Services


Education and Languages


Government, Property and Legal


Health and Lifestyle

Course Name   Duration
Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 3 hours Part Time
Provide First Aid 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Apply Nursing Practice in the Perioperative Setting 6 days Part Time
Maternal and Infant Care 2 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Course in Wellbeing and Resilience (SRC) 2 days Part Time
Wellbeing and Resilience 18 hours Part Time

Hospitality and Tourism

Course Name   Duration
Competition Bread (Mondial du Pain) 3 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Brittles 3 hours Part Time
Fudges 3 hours Part Time
High Boil Confectionery 3 hours Part Time
Low Boil Confectionery 3 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Intensive Espresso Coffee Making 24 hours Part Time
Intensive World of Bartending 4 days Part Time
World of Bartending 30 hours Part Time

Information Technology

Course Name   Duration
Cyber Security for Home and Small Business 2 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Creating a Business Website 3 days Part Time

Primary Industries and Science

Course Name   Duration
Microchipping 1 day Part Time