TAFE SA Draft Regional Plan 2021-22 Consultation 

TAFE SA has developed a draft Regional Plan 2021-22 (the Plan) which signals our commitment to meeting the needs of regional communities and industries through the provision of high-quality vocational education and training across all regions of South Australia.

The Plan provides a framework for a new way of working with regional communities and industries.

Through it we are making a commitment to engaging and collaborating with regional industries and authorities to ensure we deliver better opportunities and outcomes for regionally based staff and student communities.

The four focus areas of the Plan are:

  • Improving access and choice
  • Improving collaboration
  • Demonstrating regional leadership
  • Supporting regional sustainability

Feedback Form

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Draft TAFE SA Regional Plan 2021-2022

TAFE SA Regional Plan

Download a copy of the Plan here

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Where can I get a copy of the draft TAFE SA Regional Plan 2021-22 so I can provide my feedback?

You can download a copy here

How do I provide my feedback?

We are seeking feedback from external stakeholders, TAFE SA staff and students on the principles and goals contained in the Plan and have provided some structured questions for ease of response.

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How will you use my feedback?

All feedback will be considered and will be used to inform, finalise and implement the TAFE SA Regional Plan 2021-22

I’ve got a general question

For general inquiries, email RegionalEngagement@tafesa.edu.au

Closing date

5pm, Wednesday 3rd November 2021

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