Removal of student Home drives from 5 July

All student Home drives (H:) and files stored on them will be removed on 5 July. If you need to save files from your Home drive (H:), you should copy them across to OneDrive or your personal computer before this time. This instructional video shows how to save those files you want to keep. A step-by-step guide is also available.

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TAFE SA provides a variety of ICT systems to support learning from home or on campus. Students can use their own portable devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones, while on campus by connecting to the TAFE SA Wi-Fi and accessing key systems through the TAFE SA Portal.  

Basic information on accessing and using TAFE SA systems are provided below: 

Self-Service Laptop Loan

Adelaide, Regency and Tonsley campuses have self-service laptop lockers available for staff and students to borrow a laptop for up to four hours.

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