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Future proof.  Future ready.

As new technology and innovation emerge and the next generation of jobs evolve, you can prepare for the future with training and study at TAFE SA.  We offer a range of future-focused courses and quality training aligned to the needs of many sectors, and our connection to industry ensures you’ll gain the skills to succeed in your future career.

These new and exciting career opportunities that exist are not just limited to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) alone, they extend across all industries and workplaces.

You may already have transferrable skills that could translate to a new career path in the hydrogen energy or space sectors, or you may need to upskill to make the switch. No matter where you sit, TAFE SA provides the future-focused training to start something new.

Space Technology and Industry

South Australia is on a mission to be a leading force behind the nation’s expanding space sector.

We have a strong history in space activity with our involvement dating back to 1947 with the establishment of the Woomera Rocket Range.  We are home to the Australian Space Agency, the Australian Space Discovery Centre, and a world-class mission centre.

With over 100 space-related companies based right here in South Australia, the space sector has a wide variety of careers available. From design and manufacture of small satellites, components, instrumentation and sensors, to mission control, launch operations and ground stations, the industry is growing rapidly. TAFE SA is right behind this mission to help grow and inspire the space workforce by offering a substantial range of qualifications aligned to this industry.

Take one giant leap and discover the study pathways available right now for a career in the space sector.

Space Sector Aligned Courses

Please click on the image below to view full details for aerospace career opportunities.


Clean Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

As we shift to renewable energy sources, South Australia is looking to position itself as the global producer and supplier of green hydrogen.

Three quarters of a billion dollars is being invested by the State Government to accelerate new hydrogen projects and shipping infrastructure to position the state as a global clean energy leader.

The Hydrogen Jobs Plan will see the construction of a world-leading green hydrogen power station, electrolyser and storage facility near Whyalla in the Upper Spencer Gulf.  The construction and operation of this plant will create many jobs for South Australians.

Hydrogen Energy Aligned Courses

Hydrogen Fundamentals micro-credential course

For those looking to secure an opportunity within the South Australian hydrogen energy sector, TAFE SA is now offering a bite-sized micro-credential course in Hydrogen Fundamentals.

Developed in collaboration with the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) the course provides individuals and businesses with an understanding of the opportunities and challenges with hydrogen, the safety aspects of hydrogen, and the job opportunities in this emerging sector.

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