Meet Libby

Libby Ewing-Jarvie
Head of Business Services

Communication expert
and solution seeker
with an eye for talent

Hello, I’m Libby and as Head of Business Services for Datacom I contribute daily to building our talent pipeline through embedding a culture of developing, retaining and promoting our diverse talent and skills within our team of employees.

Our tailored training enables our team members to grow personally and expand the skill sets required for a fast paced customer service environment.

Why your business should take on an apprentice or trainee

When you employ an apprentice or trainee, you give your business the benefit of a skilled worker who understands your needs. This increases your competitive advantage by generating growth and productivity. Funding is available for many apprenticeships and traineeships.

Discuss your workforce training needs with TAFE SA.



When you employ an apprentice or trainee you may be eligible for financial incentives from the South Australian and Australian Governments.


Your existing workforce has the opportunity to learn from trainees and apprentices who could also bring new and diverse skills to your business.


Apprenticeships and traineeships are offered for career paths in many different sectors with predicted high growth in South Australia.


You can tailor their learning to suit the needs of your business which means you gain employees with job-specific industry skills that contribute to your business.


By having an apprentice or trainee in your business you are contributing to our state’s economy by providing skilled workers for our businesses and industries while helping people reach their career goals.


Apprentices and trainees are more likely to be loyal to you and stay longer with your business because you gave them their start in their career journey.

What is the difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship?

Apprenticeships usually;

  • include trades such as automotive mechanic, pastry chef, fitter and turner, butcher, hairdresser and carpenter
  • take between 3 - 4 years of full time employment and training to complete
  • commence qualifications at Certificate III level.

Traineeships usually;

  • are available in non-trade areas such as financial services, aged care, children’s services, customer services, library information services and rural operations
  • take between 1 - 3 years of full-time employment and training to complete
  • commence qualifications at Certificate II or III level.

Strong Foundations

Learning with TAFE SA provides your apprentice or trainee with a strong foundation of practical skills and knowledge. We monitor world trends in practices and technology to ensure that students can benefit from up-to-the-minute course content and resources.

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For Employers - where do I start?

Here’s how to register an apprentice or trainee using TAFE SA as your preferred training provider:

1Select a person to sign up as an apprentice or trainee.
2Select an Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP - see below) to assist you in setting up the contract of training.
3Ask your ANP if your organisation is eligible for government incentives/support.
4Having chosen TAFE SA as the preferred training provider, we will complete a training plan with you and your new apprentice or trainee, tailored to your organisation’s needs.
5The State Government’s Regulation and Contract Management will assess the contract of training application and advise you in writing of the decision.
6TAFE SA will contact the apprentice or trainee to commence their training.
7Upon successful completion of the qualification the apprentice or trainee will be issued with a parchment.

Apprenticeship Network Providers

Three (3) Apprenticeship Network Providers operate in South Australia, and have multiple offices. If you would like to commence an apprenticeship or traineeship, employ an apprentice or trainee, or find out about apprenticeship financial assistance, please contact one of the following for assistance;

 Apprentices/Trainees with a Disability (DAAWS)

All TAFE SA students, including apprentices and trainees can receive assistance through Student Services.

The ‘Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support’ (DAAWS) scheme is a Commonwealth-funded initiative which supports apprentices/trainees to help them reach their potential as skilled workers.

The scheme may provide support for the off-the job component of your apprenticeship/traineeship, including mentoring, tutoring and interpreting.

For more information, contact one of our student services officers or your Australian Apprenticeship Network Provider: