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TAFE SA seeks the active participation of industry driven, regionally representative and community minded individuals for membership of a Regional Skills Advisory Committee.

Members play a key role in providing insights to support the sustainable, viable and locally relevant training availability within their region.

Membership of the Committees is entirely voluntary, and was called for by an open nomination process, with a minimum of twice a year planning and meeting events.

Regional Skills Advisory Committee Members

Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island

  • Ms Kate Siemionow - Industry Representative (Health Care and Social Assistance)
  • Ms Jodie Lutz - Industry Representative (Education and Training)
  • Ms Rebecca Phyland - Industry Representative (Ecotourism and Environmental Management)
  • Ms Vanessa Ryan - Industry Representative (Education and Training, Health Care and Social Assistance)
  • Mr Anthony Doyle - Industry Representative (Education and Training)
  • Ms Amanda Forbes McKinnon - Industry Representative (Health Care and Social Assistance)
  • Ms Melissa Clark - Industry Representative (Health Care and Social Assistance)
  • Ms Cheree Reichi - Industry Representative (Administration and Business Management)
  • Ms Jamee-Lee Scott - Industry Representative (Arts and Retail)
  • Ms Amanda Rowe - Industry Representative (Aquaculture)
  • Mr Andrew Gray - Industry Representative (Tourism, Schools, Recreation and Marine)
Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island Regional Skills Advisory Committee members

Left to right:
David Coltman, Jo Denley, Andrew Gray, Vanessa Ryan, Graham Rix, David Hughes, Amanda Rowe, Amanda Forbes-McKinnon, Anthony Doyle, Jodie Lutz, Jessica Ferguson, Amelia Daw.


  • Ms Nikki Rowley - Industry Representative (Viticulture, Wine Production and Manufacturing)
  • Mr James Troup - Industry Representative (Information Technology and Business)
  • Mr Howard Duncan - Industry Representative (Tourism, Hospitality and Marketing)
  • Mr Ken Barnes - Industry Representative (Agriculture and Mechanical Technology)
  • Ms Johanne Robinson - Industry Representative (Health, Care and Social Assistance)
  • Mr Steven Wilksch - Education (Secondary Schools)
  • Mr Joe Cimmino - Employment Services (Apprentices, Trainees and Job Seekers)
  • Ms Joanne de Luc - SA Skills Commission
  • Ms Joanne Denley - TAFE SA Board Chair
  • Ms Penny Johnston - TAFE SA Executive Director Academic Development
  • Angie Kruger - TAFE SA Manager Education Partnerships 
Barossa Regional Skills Advisory Committee

Photo left to right
Joanna de Luc, Nikki Rowley, Penny Johnston, James Troup, Jo Denley, Johanne Robinson, Steven Wilksch, Christine Shaw, Ken Barnes, Angie Kruger, Howard Duncan, Kristen Nyholt, Mark McNamara, Joe Cimmino, David Coltman

Eyre Peninsula

  • Ms Meredith Parry - Executive Director Student and Community Engagement
  • Mr Michael Boyce OAM - TAFE SA Board Sponsor
  • Dr Janene Piip - Industry Representative Education and Training
  • Ms Bianca Standing - Industry Representative Manufacturing and Mining
  • Ms Andrea Broadfoot - Industry Representative Administration and Business Management
  • Ms Pia Richter - Industry Representative Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Ms Polly Taylor - Employment Service Provider Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  • Mr Toby Fox - Industry Representative Aquaculture
  • Ms Jacinta Haseldine - Industry Representative Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Ms Jermaine Cheriton - Industry Representative
  • Ms Katherine Arthur - Industry Representative
  • Ms Nicole Baty - Industry Representative Agriculture
  • Mr David Smith - Industry Representative
  • Mr Robert Butt - TAFE SA Manager Education Partnerships 
Eyre Peninsula Regional Skills Advisory Committee

Pictured left to right:
Di Fitzgerald, Jermaine Cheriton, Bianca Standing, Janene Piip, David Coltman, David Smith, Nicole Baty, Jo Denley, Meredith Parry, Sarah Lance, Polly Taylor, Katherine Arthur, Martina North, Michael Boyce OAM. Absent Pia Richter, Toby Fox, Jacinta Haseldine, Andrea Broadfoot.

Limestone Coast

  • Mr John Martin-Brown - Industry Representative (Forestry, Manufacturing, Workforce) 
  • Mr Kirby Shearing - Industry Representative (Hospitality, Tourism, Retail)
  • Ms Alison Tschirn Industry Representative (Community Services, Child Care)
  • Ms Tania Plunkett – Schools Industry Representative (Retail, Education and Training)
  • Dr Judith Nagy - Community Organisation Representative (Public Administration, Business)
  • Ms Raekhel Barrett - Student Representative (Community Services)
  • Ms Julie Tipene - Employment Service Provider (Social Assistance, Education and Training)
  • Mr Sam Scammel - TAFE SA Board Sponsor to the committee (Business, Disability Care)
  • Mr Damian Turner - Executive Director People and Culture, TAFE SA
  • Ms Ally Skeer - TAFE SA Manager Education Partnerships
Pictured left to right:
Jo Denley, John Martin-Brown, David Coltman, Damian Turner, Raekhel Barrett, Sam Scammel, Ally Skeer, Alison Tschirn, Kirby Shearing, Dr Judith Nagy, Kelly Agnew (proxy Julie Tipene)

Murraylands and Riverland

  • Lorena Lyon - Regional Development Australia (Workforce Development)
  • Kelly Johnson - Industry Representatives (Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Information, Media and Telecommunications )
  • Mel Bennett - Education and Training (Secondary Schools)
  • Michelle Brunton - Industry Representative (Health Care, Social Assistance and Business Management)
  • Sarah Johnson - Industry Representative (Employment Services, Health Care and Social Assistance)
  • Emily Griggs - Department for Education, (Education and Training)
  • Nick Robson - Industry Representative (Apprenticeships) 
  • Kristy Johinke - Employment Provider (Employment, Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Retail)
  • Vanessa Leigh - Local Government and Regional University Hub Representative 
  • Luke Trevorrow - Industry Representative (Business, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Building, Civil and Construction)
  • Ms Joanne Denley - TAFE SA Board Chair
  • Ms Penny Johnston - TAFE SA Executive Director Academic Development
  • Angie Kruger - TAFE SA Manager Education Partnerships

Pictured left to right:
Jessica Ferguson, Alicia Oschmanns, Penny Johnston, Michelle Brunton, Vanessa Leigh, Joanne Denley, Sarah Johnson, Emily Griggs, Lorena Lyon, David Coltman, Mel Bennett, Kristy Johinke, Nick Robson, Kelly Johnson, David Smith, Angie Kruger, Amelia Daw

Yorke Peninsula and Mid North

  • Ms Amanda Shultz – Industry Representative (Business, Finance and Management)
  • Mr Stephen Richter – Industry Representative (Manufacturing)
  • Ms Jo Gibbons – Industry Representative (Hospitality, Cookery and Tourism)
  • Ms Amanda Elefsen – Industry Representative (Agriculture, Mechanical Technology)
  • Ms Karen Shearer – Industry Representative (Health, Care and Social Assistance)
  • Ms Kartanya Martinez – Narungga nation representative (employment and Community Services)
  • Mr Daniel Wilson – Community Organisations (Regional Development Australia)
  • Mr Daniele Hockey – Government Agency (Transport, Civil Construction, and Infrastructure)
  • Ms Jodie Everett – Employment Services (Job Seekers, Community and Social Assistance)
  • Ms Tracy Northcott – Employment Services (Trainees and Apprentices)
  • Mr David Smith – SA Skills Commission
  • Mr Craig Fowler – TAFE SA Board Member
  • Dr Norm Baker – TAFE SA Executive Director Education Operations
  • Mr Kym Cox – TAFE SA Manager Education Partnerships 
York Peninsula and Mid North RSAC Members

Pictured left to right:
Daniele Hockey, Dr Norm Baker, Daniel Wilson, Kym Cox, Stephen Richter, David Smith, Amanda Shultz, Jodie Everett, Kartanya Martinez (hidden), Karen Shearer, Joanne Denley, Sarah Lance, Tracy Northcott, David Coltman. Absent Jo Gibbons, Craig Fowler and Amanda Elefsen.

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