TAFE SA has facilities that are available for short term hire or extended lease to external customers for the purpose of education and training, conferences, meetings, functions, campus tours, special events, catering, accommodation and business. These facilities include:


Benefits of hiring TAFE SA facilities:

  • Convenient campus locations
  • Free parking at most campuses
  • Quality facilities
  • Kitchen facilitiesPresentation equipment
  • Access to cafeteria and restaurant facilities
  • Security services.
  • Strong community service obligation
  • Access to in-house catering
  • Disability access and support facilities



As a teaching and learning institution that uses a range of methodologies in an adult learning environment, we are committed to using modern and user-friendly audio visual technology. Equipment varies across locations and spaces and includes:

  • Board RoomDual-globe overhead projectors
  • Televisions and VCR units 
  • DVD units 
  • Computers 
  • Ceiling-mounted data projectors 
  • Projection screens 
  • Whiteboards
  • Microphone, speaker and stand
  • Electronic whiteboard



Community Bridging Services“Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. has been involved in the leasing and short term hire of various  TAFE SA campus facilities for 18 years. We see TAFE SA as a trusted partner and have built strong relationships. We appreciate the diverse range of facilities, geographical spread, professional service and strong community service obligation. We recommend the use of TAFE SA facilities to business and community groups.”

Freddie Brincat
Executive Director
Community Bridging Services


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