Message from the Chair

In 2015, the TAFE SA Board determined that there will be disclosure of activities undertaken by those who represent the organisation and the consequent expenses they incur.

This step enables greater transparency around TAFE SA. Such transparency is a fundamental part of good governance and is consistent with an organisation that is ultimately accountable to a Minister and the South Australian taxpayer.

This level of disclosure must begin with the Chair of the TAFE SA Board and the Chief Executive of TAFE SA.

Purchasing card statements of the Chair and Chief Executive are made available on the TAFE SA website.

TAFE SA is a statutory corporation and is not required to take the steps outlined above. However, the Board is acutely focused on ensuring every taxpayer dollar committed to TAFE SA is expended and justified appropriately.

In this regard, all expenses disclosed are both claimed and authorised within the policies and/or procedures applicable to all TAFE SA employees and personnel.

This will ensure the community is aware that current and future TAFE SA administrations are guided by openness and transparency, in the interests of good governance.


Chair, TAFE SA Interim Board (Mr Rick Persse)

(NB the previous Chair, TAFE SA Interim Board did not hold a TAFE SA State Government Purchase Card)

Interim Chief Executive, TAFE SA (Ms Alexandra Reid)

(NB the Interim Chief Executive only held a TAFE SA State Government Purchase (Credit) Card from 14 March 2018)

Purchase card statements of the former Chair, TAFE SA Board and Chief Executive, TAFE SA follow:

Interim Chief Executive
Alex Reid

Former Chair, TAFE SA Board

Former Chief Executive



Details of overseas travel arrangements for the Chief Executive, TAFE SA follow:

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