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A community services qualification from TAFE SA can lead you to a career in community development roles. Work with the aged, people with disabilities, or those in need of refuge or advocacy. Promote social benefit to the community through recreation, education and employment programs.

Employment opportunities include family services, social housing, youth services and juvenile residential facilities. Other options include alcohol and drug services, advocacy services, non-clinical mental health, and respite services.

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Start your pathway to a career in the community services and health industry

TAFE SA's Certificate I Program in Pathways to Health and Community Services provides fundamental skills required by the community and  health industry, focusing on writing, literacy and numeracy in a health and community related context.

If you're interested in completing a community and health-related qualification at a higher level, take the first step today.

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Guide a child in the early years of their development
Study Early Childhood Education and Care
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Studying Mental Health

Adam is a community support worker in the mental health field. He chose to get into the field to help others who had experienced similar issues to him in high school.

Hear Adam's story as he explains the benefits of TAFE SA's adult learning environment and the pathways to employment in the workforce.

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