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Steps to Applying

If you are an international student on a student visa, the following steps outline the process for applying to study at TAFE SA. 

You must be 17 years or over prior to commencement date of studies at TAFE SA.  

Agents can submit an application on a student’s behalf by using the agent portal.

Step 1     
Choose your TAFE SA course or University Pathway Program

Step 2     Check the entry requirements and the information needed for your application

Step 3     Apply online or through an agent in your country before the closing date (see below):

Step 4     Accept your conditional or unconditional offer online within 8 weeks

  • Log in to TAFE SA International Online Application Service with the Username provided to you in your Letter of Offer. If you have forgotten your Password, you will need to reset.
  • Once you are logged in refer to your “Submitted Applications”. The Status of your Offer should be at “Full Offer”. Click on the Action tab and select “Respond to Offer”
  • The next screen will allow you to “View Offer Letter” and either “Accept Offer” or “Reject Offer”.  If you are happy with the Offer please choose “Accept Offer”
  • Then, please refer to Signed Response and tick the declaration box “ I declare that I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions”
  • The last step to Accept the Offer is to click on the Green “Accept Offer” tab. 
  • You will then be taken to the Payment instructions.
  • Payments may be made by credit card via the Online Application Service, or by other payment methods outlined in the Offer. If you are not paying by credit card, you may now upload your documents.
  • Upload a copy of the following documents:
    • Receipt for payment of your tuition and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
    • Proof of your Overseas Student Health Cover  (if not paid through TAFE SA)
    • Copy of passport if not already provided

Step 5      Receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from us either through your agent or via our online application system.

Step 6     Apply immediately for your student visa to allow enough time for processing. If you have applied through an agent, they can help you with your visa application. You can find out more about student visas at the Department of Home Affairs.

Step 7     Book your flights. Review the website to learn about pre-departure, accommodation and transport options.

Step 8     Join our Facebook page to find out what’s happening at TAFE SA.

Application Closing Dates

Applicable to listed countries only: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Kenya, Zimbabwe.

Term One

January 2023 Entry
Application closing date:15 November 2022
Deadline of GTE documents:22 November 2022
Payment/Acceptance of Offer:
30 November 2022
COE lodgement:
6 December 2022

Term Two 

April 2023 Entry
Application closing date:6 March 2023
Deadline of GTE documents:13 March 2023
Payment/Acceptance of Offer:
20 March 2023
COE lodgement:
27 March 2023

Term Three

July 2023 Entry
Application closing date:15 May 2023
Deadline of GTE documents:22 May 2023
Payment/Acceptance of Offer:
5 June 2023
COE lodgement:
12 June 2023

Term Four

October 2023 Entry
Application closing date:7 August 2023
Deadline of GTE documents:14 August 2023
Payment/Acceptance of Offer:
21 August 2023
COE lodgement:
28 August 2023

South Australian state schools term dates

202220232024 2025 
Semester 1 Term 1 31 Jan - 14 Apr 30 Jan - 14 Apr29 Jan - 12 Apr28 Jan - 11 Apr
Term 2 2 May - 8 Jul 1 May - 7 Jul29 Apr - 5 Jul28 Apr - 4 Jul
Semester 2 Term 3 25 Jul - 30 Sep 24 Jul - 29 Sep22 Jul - 27 Sep21 Jul - 26 Sep
Term 4 17 Oct - 16 Dec 16 Oct - 15 Dec14 Oct - 13 Dec13 Oct - 12 Dec

Please note not all TAFE SA courses are scheduled around these dates.

Course Restrictions 

See Entry Requirements and the specific course page that you are interested in.

Policies and Responsibilities

As an international student, you must read the policies and guidelines in place concerning both your entry as a student into Australia, and your enrolment at TAFE SA.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

All international students need to have Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of their intended studies in Australia.

See Overseas Student Health Cover

Student Visa

If you have been accepted to study at TAFE SA you will need to apply for a student visa.

Your student visa is subject to a number of visa conditions that you must comply with whilst in Australia studying.


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