Introduction to Naval Shipbuilding


Ahead of increasing demand for experienced workers to join ‘Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise’, this 4 week (3-5 hours per week) self-paced online course aims to familiarise you with multiple aspects of Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry.

Introduction to naval shipbuilding will help you prepare for employment in the industry by introducing a range of key concepts, terminology, vessels and ship systems which are beneficial for new employees working in the industry and those starting out.

This course has been developed in close partnership with the Australian Government's Naval Shipbuilding College and contains quizzes, videos, illustrations and chat opportunities to help you engage with the material and other students as you progress through the course.

The following topics will be covered:
1. Importance of Naval shipbuilding in the mission of the Royal Australian Navy
2. Naval vessels and shipbuilding
3. Understanding the customer and the end user
4. Making sense of Naval shipbuilding
5. Speaking the language of Naval shipbuilding
6. General systems and components of Naval vessels
7. Working safety and protecting the environment
8. Conclusion and where to now?

An ‘Acknowledgement of Achievement’ will be available upon successful completion of the course requirements.

Students must be familiar with using a personal computer and navigating web pages.

The course introduces students to the complex technical language found in the Naval shipbuilding industry. We recommend that students wishing to check their English language skills for this course visit the Naval Shipbuilding College website to complete the Shipbuilding Taster Course which provides a basic introduction and overview of the industry.

This free online course offered by the Naval Shipbuilding College can be accessed at

  • As this is an online course, you will need a personal computer with internet access and speakers to watch video content. In some activities optional audio responses require the use of a microphone.

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Start Date

Mon 6 Jun 22

End Date

Mon 4 Jul 22

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Current VISA holders eligible



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