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Explore high-demand engineering trades

Civil engineers play a pivotal role in shaping the built environment through their expertise in designing, constructing, and maintaining vital infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, railways, airports, water and sewage systems, as well as public buildings. On the other hand, mechanical engineers specialise in designing, manufacturing, and utilising machinery across various industrial settings.

Embark on an engineering trades course at TAFE SA to kickstart your career as a fitter and turner, maintenance fitter, toolmaker, machinist, CAD drafter, or CNC operator. Build the skills and knowledge needed to excel in these dynamic fields and carve a path towards a successful career in engineering.


Associate Degrees in Engineering

Keep your options open with an Associate Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering or Design & Drafting from TAFE SA. Take your place in the workforce as a paraprofessional or high skills employee and start building your career. Or transition with us to a university degree using the study credits you’ve already earned. Get the best of both worlds with a TAFE SA Associate Degree.

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