Work in a civil or mechanical engineering environment

Civil engineering involves the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects. These can include roads, bridges and airports, water and sewage systems, railways and buildings. Mechanical engineering is centred on the manufacture and use of machinery in a range of settings. TAFE SA engineering trades courses can lead to careers such as fitter and turner, maintenance fitter, toolmaker, machinist, CAD drafter and CNC operator. 


Associate Degrees in Engineering

Get the best of both worlds with a TAFE SA Associate Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Design & Drafting and Site Management.

A TAFE SA Associate Degree gives you options. It can prepare you to go into the workforce immediately as a paraprofessional or high skills employee, or you move into related university study with the credits you earn from your studies with us.

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Engineering Apprenticeships

TAFE SA helps students and apprentices at Roxby Downs to gain hands-on experience and skills in the mining industry in partnership with BHP Billiton. TAFE SA is committed to delivering quality training alongside industry partners in some of South Australia's most remote locations.

Toolmaking Apprenticeship

Christine always wanted to get into the design drafting field. After spending some time at university, she decided to apply for a mechanical engineering apprenticeship through TAFE SA and hasn't looked back since. She now works as a Change Request Coordinator in the engineering department at Electrolux.
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