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Associate Degrees in Engineering

TAFE SA has combined strong links with industry and successful South Australian university partnerships to create this innovative suite of courses.

Associate Degrees in Engineering combine theoretical understanding with industry-relevant practical skills, so you develop the knowledge and skills valued by employers.

What is an Associate Degree in Engineering?

  • A two year full time (or equivalent part time) Higher Education course.
  • It gives you a strong grounding in your field, based on practical experience.
  • You also gain two years credit into a four year Bachelor of Engineering.
  • You graduate job ready, with the skills that employers want, ready to work as an Engineering Associate (para-professional).

Working as a para-professional

As an engineering para-professional, you work in engineering teams at the interface between engineers and trades people. You might use advanced software to draft structures, or apply good practical skills to build prototype equipment. You may be at clients’ sites installing and commissioning new equipment, or out in the field testing advanced systems. You may be supervising teams of trades people, or running your own business.

The unprecedented growth in South Australia’s defence industry is driving strong demand for graduates with advanced skills in engineering.


Get that competitive edge: study a Dual Offer (TAFE SA + University)

With dual offer courses, you are accepted into both a TAFE SA qualification and a connected university program. This means that once you complete your TAFE SA course successfully, you have guaranteed entry – with credit – into university. This is an alternative pathway to university, which facilitates entry into a Bachelor of Engineering.

  • One application, two qualifications
    A dual offer course gives you both a vocational and an academic qualification, setting you apart from other graduates.
  • Secure your pathway to university
    Apply for a TAFE SA qualification and a connected University program at the same time.
  • Much more than a foundation program
    Our Associate Degrees in Engineering are much more than just a Foundation program. They give you job-ready skills and allow you to be flexible about your options. You study in a supportive environment, in small classes and with lecturer support
  • 2 + 2
    Study the Associate Degree for two years at TAFE SA and then enter a two year customised program at university to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering. Details of dual offers packages are available within “Related Courses” for each Associate Degree.

TAFE SA Associate Degree courses:

  • connect you with industry as you undertake work placements and real-world projects with industry partners, that we find for you
  • enable you to work in teams to develop valuable personal and professional skills sought after by employers
  • provide an experiential learning approach, with laboratory practice and project-based activities
  • are supported by passionate, professional and experienced staff.

Associate Degree in Engineering Courses

Undergraduate Certificates now available

An Undergraduate Certificate is a short Higher Education course providing opportunities to kickstart or enhance your employability or career.

Adapted from TAFE SA’s current engineering Associate Degrees which are highly regarded by industry, you will benefit from industry-relevant and innovative subjects conveniently packaged as a short course.

Admission Criteria

There are several ways in which you can meet the entry requirements for a TAFE SA higher education course.

Learn more about how higher education applicants are selected:

Admission Criteria

  • Applicants with higher education study

  • Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study

  • Applicants with work and life experience (includes those who left secondary education more than 2 years ago)

  • Applicants with recent secondary education (within the past two years)

Marc Penley Testimonial

"Graduates of this course are what industry needs. They have good practical skills combined with solid academic and technical knowledge.

Students upon completion of this course are ready to commence their career with a solid foundation in industry practices and can effectively contribute to project outcomes from day one. This course provides “industry ready” students.

Our company is keenly involved in the students’ development, as we can see the value of their direct links with industry. The skills and knowledge of the students entering our mentor program have been of a high standard allowing us to apply students to current relevant engineering tasks. This provides immediate benefits to our company and also an opportunity to identify students for potential employment."

Marc Penley
Fugro Marine Australia, Engineering Manager

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