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Applying for qualifications

Qualifications comprise a structured sequence of study units or subjects, which, when successfully completed, entitle the student to a qualification. TAFE SA offers qualifications that range from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma and Degree.

All applications for TAFE SA qualifications are made online. Applications are free.

Applications are taken in one intake cycle. Applications for Semester 1 and Semester 2 open in August each year for study in the following year.  A number of courses remain open for applications throughout an intake cycle with multiple start dates.

Refer to the list of important dates for the current or next enrolment period.

Applications for non-competitive courses

If a course is non-competitive the number of places available usually exceeds the number of applications submitted. This means that all applicants will usually receive a place.

Course Admission Requirements (CAR) and ranking

Non-competitive courses generally have minimal or no course admission requirements.

If a course receives more applications than there are places available applicants will be ranked by a pre-determined selection criteria – this is often date of application. Please refer to individual course pages for full course admission requirement and selection criteria information.

While non-competitive courses often remain open throughout an intake cycle, certain courses may place conditions on how and when they are run. Controlled admission may apply where:

  • a minimum number of applicants is required to make a course viable for offer. If demand for a course is low, TAFE SA reserves the right to withdraw the course and advise applicants of other relevant options
  • the program wants multiple intakes, controlling the enrolment process so a group of applicants begins a course at the same time.

Applications for competitive courses

Entry to some courses is competitive. This is usually because there are more people applying for a course than there are places available. The number of places available may vary from campus to campus, and is determined by the availability of facilities or other resources.

Competitive courses only offer one or two intakes per year, usually at the start and in the middle of the academic year. Applications must be made within the advertised dates for these intake periods.

Course Admission Requirements (CAR)

All competitive courses require that minimum education standards be met by applicants in order to be considered for entry. However, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance. Some competitive courses may require applicants to submit a portfolio, a written assessment, or attend an audition as part of the selection process.

All applicants that meet the course admission requirements are ranked according to pre-determined selection criteria so all applicants know in which order places are offered. Please refer to individual course pages for full course admission requirement and selection criteria information.

Inherent requirements

In addition to meeting the Course Admission Requirements, all students of a program must be capable of meeting the inherent requirements for participation and must also be capable of operating independently in an adult learning environment. Students should also be aware of any particular Inherent Requirements of a program.

The Inherent Requirements are those that students must demonstrate in order to complete a course or program. They are those components, which if removed or substituted would substantially impact on the learning outcomes.

Please discuss any issues with the program area or a Student Services Officer at any campus.


When offers are made through SATAC, recipients are contacted by TAFE SA with instructions on how to enrol. This may include a pre-enrolment information and counselling session.

All enrolments are done online at myTAFESA. The enrolment process involves providing your details, selecting your classes and paying the appropriate fees.

Pre-enrolment information

Applicants should be aware of the following information before they enrol.

Applicants should also ensure they have read information specific to their course, such as:

  • the accreditation status of the course
  • start date and length of the course
  • time commitment involved in the training
  • qualification/certification to be issued on satisfactory completion or partial completion
  • study requirements
  • articulation arrangements
  • expected employment outcomes
  • assessment expectations
  • detailed costs.

For further information, students can view their course page or contact TAFE SA.

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