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TAFE SA understands that sometimes it is difficult for students to pay their fees and offers the option of paying their course fees by a payment plan to eligible students undertaking eligible courses.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible to apply for, the following must apply:

  • I am enrolled (registered) in an award course at certificate II, III or IV level on the TAFE Self Service system.
  • My Fees are NOT for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC)
  • I am NOT an international student
  • My fees are greater than $250
  • I have no outstanding fees with TAFE SA

Fees that are NOT eligible:

  • Materials and incidentals fees which must be paid at the time of registration.
  • International Student fees (unless there are exceptional circumstances). Student to contact the International Student Unit.
  • Short Course fees.
  • Fees for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC).
  • Any other Fees that are not considered tuition fees.

**Students who do not have the capacity to pay will need to arrange a Guarantor. The Guarantor will be required to complete a Guarantor Application Form. The student will also need to submit the Payment Plan - Apply Online electronic form below for consideration.


All payments are to be made via Direct Debit from your nominated bank account or through Centrepay (Centrepay can only be used for students receiving payment from Centrelink). 

Paying the instalments

If a payment defaults (dishonours) 3 times the Standard Payment Plan contract is cancelled and referred to our Finance department.

Late payments could put future Standard payment plan applications in jeopardy.

Debt recovery action will be taken to recover any outstanding fees. You will then be liable for any additional charges that may be incurred in the recovery of the fees.

Whilst you have outstanding fees your results will be withheld and you will not be able to re-enrol at any TAFE SA campus in South Australia until all outstanding fees are paid. You may be registered with a credit defaulter.

What do I do if there are changes to my enrolment?

If any changes are made to your enrolment including withdrawal, refund, status/RPL/RCC, grants, payments made on your behalf by another organisation, enrolling into extra subjects, you will need to advise the administration staff or lecturer in our area of study immediately.

For any withdrawal, you will need to complete a student withdrawal and refund form.

You will not be able to add any additional fees to your current payment plan.

You will be advised of any possible entitlement to a refund at this time and you will be assisted in completing a Refund Application Form. You must continue to make your SPP payments until you have been notified otherwise.

After signing the Education Agreement, you are legally bound to meet each payment as it falls due.

Signing the Agreement

If you are approved to pay by a standard payment plan, an education agreement with a schedule of payments which shows the balance and amounts to be paid by an agreed due date will be generated, which you will be required to sign. When a Guarantor is required, they will also need to sign the Agreement. Failure to sign the Education Agreement may result in the cancellation of the Agreement and your enrolment until fees are paid in full.

All students seeking standard payment plan arrangements must agree to have their repayments debited directly from their bank account or Centrepay options.


To apply for a standard payment plan, you should understand TAFE SA may provide information about you to a credit reporting agency. You will need to agree to these conditions after completing the online application form.


You will need to think carefully about how you are going to manage your course costs so be sure to organise this before you enrol. You may be eligible for financial support payments, verify your eligibility by checking the Centrelink website.

You can also talk to a student counsellor for advice and referral.

Please contact us or call 1800 882 661 for further information.

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