Australian Commercial Law II - TAFESA TPB TAX4 (Tax Agent Registration)

Duration16 weeks
Accredited UnitsApply legal principles in contract and consumer law (FNSTPB503)


This course describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to apply legal principles in commercial and property law matters.
This course meets the Australian Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) educational requirements for Tax Agent registration and renewal of registration.

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Required Textbook:
- Australian Business Law, 7th edition, Vickery & Flood, ISBN 9781442537859
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Note: No refunds apply unless the course is cancelled by TAFE SA.

Skills Covered

Australian Commercial Law II - TAFESA TPB TAX4 (Tax Agent Registration)
- Contract Law: Introduction to contracts, Intention to create legal relations, Agreement, Consideration, Capacity, Genuine consent, Legality, Terms of a contract, Transfer and termination, and Remedies for breach of contract
- Real Estate Law: Real property and mortgages, identifying, protecting and enforcing interests in personal property, Leases, and transfer of real property, Sale of Goods Act, Consumer Protection, Anti-competitive conduct