Welder Certification Theory AS 1796


The Welder Certification Theory course has been developed for post-trade training of advance engineering tradespeople and the recognition of post-trade skills in apply welding principles to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements for welding procedures generally associated with the application of one of the unit satisfying AS 1796-2001 (R22016) Certification of welders and welding supervisors, Certificate 1-9.

Topics Covered:
-Welding Safety
-Welding Regulations
-Welding Terms and Symbols
-Heat Treatment
-Metal Cutting and Gouging
-Elements in Carbon Steel
-Preparing Weld Joints
-Welding Procedure
-Weld Testing
-Elementary Electricity
-Arc Conditions
-Manual Metal Arc Electrodes
-Welding Alloy Steels
-Welding Non-Ferrous Metals
-Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
-Gas Metal Arc Welding
-Oxyacetylene Welding
-Submerged Arc Welding (Automatic)

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Start Date

Tue 16 Aug 22

End Date

Tue 13 Sep 22

Class Times
Online (self-paced) study from 16th Aug + on campus exam TBA
Student Visa (500)

Current VISA holders eligible

Cost Information
$45 for Welders Registration may be required on completion of the course - to be advised


$1200.00 GST inc

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