Pest Technician Licence endorsed for Control of Weeds and Plant Pests

Duration6 weeks
Pre-requisitesAll participants must hold a current TAFE SA Chemical Card or equivalent to undertake this course and have completed an exam. This includes completion of:
- Prepare and Apply Chemicals (AHCCHM303A)
- Transport, Handle and Store Chemicals (AHCCHM304A)
Accredited UnitsControl Weeds (AHCPMG301A)
Control Plant Pests and Diseases (AHCPMG302A)


These units cover the control of weeds and plant pests and defines the standard required to: identify a range of weeds, plants pests and beneficial organisms; planning and coordinating control activities whilst identifying Integrated Pest Management (IPM) options, assessing damage or threat to plants; conducting a site hazard identification and risk control assessment for control of weeds and plant pests; apply a range of control methods and maintain records; monitor, record and report the effectiveness of controls.

Assessment involves theory assessment, weed and plant pest control management plan and weed herbarium. Participants must be able to return a skills declaration form (supplied) signed off by a fully licenced weed technician which shows that weeds and plant pests have been controlled on 4 separate occasions.

Upon successful completion of these units, students can then apply to SA Health for licencing.

Please note that this only covers the use of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, please contact TAFE SA to discuss this further.

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If you have completed 'Pest Technician Licence endorsed for Control of Weeds'
you are only required to undertake the unit Control Plant Pests and Diseases ($300).

Individually these units are $300 each, if they are studied at the same time it will cost $500.

Fees are to be paid for in full prior to the commencement in a course of study.
6 weeks
ENROL NOW! Continuous enrolments until 15 May 2017
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Note: No refunds apply unless the course is cancelled by TAFE SA.