Grow your career on the land

Agriculture involves the production of food and raw materials from crops and livestock. Studying at TAFE SA, you can learn about essential farming skills such as wool production, dairy, agribusiness, livestock handling, soil, and water. 

Nick's Story

Nick studied agriculture as part of a school based apprenticeship and now works on his family farm, which produces over one million litres of milk every year. Studying at TAFE SA, Nick learnt both theory and practical skills, providing him with a solid foundation of knowledge and the confidence to work in the industry he is passionate about.

Video credit: Department for Innovation and Skills

* Eligibility criteria applies. See course details to check if you meet the requirements for funding.


Breed, raise and manage cattle for milk production

TAFE SA’s dairy courses are targeted at the dairy industry in South Australia. Topics include general health and welfare, milking, feeding, reproduction, farm machinery and management.

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