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The Minister for Education, Training and Skills has announced the appointment of tertiary education expert and leader, Associate Professor Jeannie Rea, to lead a public conversation on the future of technical and further education (TAFE) in South Australia.
Jeannie will be supported by an expert panel of vocational education, industry and union experts. The expert panel, under Associate Professor Jeannie Rea’s leadership, will be tasked with engaging with students, staff, industry, the community and external experts to draft a roadmap for the future of TAFE SA for the next decade.

Members of the expert panel will include TAFE SA Board Chair, Joanne Denley, Peter Nolan from the Ai Group, Anthony Kittel from REDARC Electronics, Rebecca Brookes from the Australian Education Union, as well as Madeline Richardson from Skills SA, vocational education leader Maria Peters, and Facilitator Local Jobs Program North West Country SA Andrea Broadfoot.

This important conversation will help ensure the state’s public vocational education and training provision remains relevant and a critical part of the state’s solution to creating and sustaining a skilled workforce now and for future generations.   

The government is seeking to support and strengthen TAFE SA. The expert group will establish a roadmap with a renewed vision and purpose for TAFE SA over the next 10 years.

The announcement comes 10 years after TAFE SA’s establishment as a Statutory Corporation in 2012. The public conversation and development of the roadmap is designed to be a collaborative process that will build on the strengths of TAFE SA and define a new way forward. It’s time to reflect and reset TAFE SA’s future for our state.

This is an exciting and pivotal time for our organisation. The importance of skills and vocational education and training has never been greater. 

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic in an economic environment where both labour and skills shortages are challenges, the potential for TAFE SA to better contribute to South Australia’s social and economic success needs to be understood. 

Defining what this looks like, and what we can expect, requires an open conversation with all South Australians. You will be an important part of this work. We will be asking you to provide input into the potential future for TAFE SA. 

Our world has changed and now is the time to define TAFE SA’s future for all South Australians. We look forward to your involvement in this important work. This is your opportunity to have your say about TAFE SA’s future.

For more information visit the  SA Gov website. We look forward to keeping you updated.

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