Python Intermediate


This courses prepares to apply intermediate programming skills using python.

Core Skills:
- Functions (Advanced)
- File / Exception Handling
- OOP concepts
- Unit Testing and TDD
- GUI Programming
- Graphs and Charts
- External Apps Connectivity
- Database Connectivity
- Python Coding Best Practices

This course is intended for people who want to learn structured, object-oriented and functional programming at an expert level.

This course is at an intermediate level.

For organisations that wish to pay the student fees for this course and are unable to pay by credit card via the website, please contact the Student Engagement & Onboarding team via email on to organise a Third Party Payment invoice.

  • Access to:
    - Pycharm 2020 1.3 (or similar version)
    - Python 3.x
    - Windows 10 or above

    Course Recognitions:
    Upon completing the course you may obtain a TAFE SA Certificate of Acknowledgement.

Short Course Delivery Locations Some short courses can provide accreditation for industry-specific registration, while others merely provide skills and knowledge in the subject area. Concession prices are available for some courses.

Class Times
Online (self-paced) - continuous enrolments until 30th of June 2023.

Self-paced, with approximately 6-8 hours per week of study

Continuous enrolment - you can start this course at anytime. However you will be only allowed the maximum duration of the course from the date of access to the course to complete your studies.
Student Visa (500)

Current VISA holders eligible



$502.00 GST inc

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