TAFE SA offers a range of inspiring and creative Leisure short courses.  Why not sign up for one, either by yourself or with a friend.

29 Leisure Short Courses


Arts and Design

Course Name   Duration
Advanced Dress and Pattern Making 8 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
DIY Bohemian Style Wedding Flowers 6 weeks Part Time

Building and Construction


Health and Lifestyle

Course Name   Duration
Art for Wellbeing 3 hours Part Time
Wellbeing and Resilience 18 hours Part Time

Hospitality and Tourism

Course Name   Duration
Bagels, Pretzels and Bialys 3 days Part Time
European Christmas Bread 4 hours Part Time
New Age & Ancient Grains (Advanced) 4 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Beer Flavours and Styles 4 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
One Day Cheese Making Workshop 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
International Oysters 2 hours Part Time
Vegetarian A Plenty 4 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Brittles 3 hours Part Time
Fudges 3 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Café Culture 5 days Part Time
Espresso Coffee Making 6 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Cured and Smoked Products 3 hours Part Time

Information Technology

Course Name   Duration
Basic Access 2013 1 day Part Time
Basic Excel 2013 1 day Part Time
Basic Word 2013 1 day Part Time
Computers for Beginners 1 day Part Time
Computing Basics 12 hours Part Time
Connect and Set up Hardware 14 hours Part Time
Create and Develop Simple Databases 24 hours Part Time
Excel 101 12 hours Part Time
Get Organised Using Personal Productivity Applications 8 hours Part Time
Get the Best from your Digital Devices 12 hours Part Time
Internet Know How 16 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Creating a Business Website 3 days Part Time