TAFE SA offers a range of inspiring and creative Leisure short courses.  Why not sign up for one, either by yourself or with a friend.

68 Leisure Short Courses


Arts and Design

Course Name   Duration
Advanced Dressmaking 9 weeks Part Time
Pattern Making for Beginners 5 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
DIY Bohemian Style Wedding Flowers 6 weeks Part Time
Table Centre Pieces for all Occasions 6 weeks Part Time
Unique Floral Gifts 6 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Adobe Illustrator CC (Beginner to Intermediate) 6 weeks Part Time
Introduction to Digital Drawing 2 days Part Time
Introduction to Graphic Design Fundamentals 6 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Introduction to Interior Decoration 8 weeks Part Time
Introduction to Visual Merchandising 4 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Discover Acting - Term 2 8 weeks Part Time
Discover Acting - Term 3 8 weeks Part Time
Discover Acting - Term 4 8 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Introduction to Jewellery Making 6 weeks Part Time
Wheel Throwing - Intermediate 8 weeks Part Time
Wheel Throwing - Introduction 8 weeks Part Time

Building and Construction


Hair and Beauty

Course Name   Duration
Make-Up 1: Back to Basics 3 hours Part Time
Make-Up 2: Smokey Eyes 3 hours Part Time
Make-Up 3: Instaglam 3 hours Part Time
Make-Up 4: Wing Liner and Bold Lip 3 hours Part Time
Make-Up Bundle: Basics, Smokey Eyes, Instaglam and Wing Liner 4 days Part Time

Hospitality and Tourism

Course Name   Duration
Advanced Viennoiserie 2 days Part Time
Christmas Baking 4 hours Part Time
Easter Baking 1 day Part Time
French Breads 2 days Part Time
French Morning Pastries - Foundation Skills 1 day Part Time
French Pastry Classics 2 days Part Time
Made in Italy 2 days Part Time
Party Foods 2 days Part Time
Patisserie Coffee Shops: French Pastries 2 hours Part Time
Patisserie Coffee Shops: Gateaux 2 hours Part Time
The Art of Sourdough 2 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Beer Flavours and Styles 4 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
A Vietnamese Cooking Journey 3.5 hours Part Time
Gourmet Meat Pies 2 days Part Time
Native Nourishment - Modern Australian with a Twist 3.5 hours Part Time
Produce Workshop - Native Foods 2 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Brittles 3 hours Part Time
Couverture Chocolate for Beginners 4 hours Part Time
Fudges 3 hours Part Time
High Boil Confectionery 3 hours Part Time
Low Boil Confectionery 3 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Café Culture 5 days Part Time
Espresso Coffee Making 18 hours Part Time
Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Cured and Smoked Products 3 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Evaluate Wine - Standard and Advanced 8 weeks Part Time
Introduction to Wine Tasting 3 hours Part Time
WSET Level 3 Award in Wines 48 hours Part Time

Information Technology


Mining, Engineering and Automotive

Course Name   Duration
Automotive Diagnostics and Oscilloscope Testing 4 weeks Part Time
General Motor Maintenance 6 weeks Part Time
Motor Maintenance for Women 6 weeks Part Time
Test Engines and Motor Vehicles using a Dynamometer 6 weeks Part Time

Primary Industries and Science

Course Name   Duration
Beekeeping for Beginners 2 days Part Time
Operate Quad Bikes 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance 2 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
An Insight into Medical Testing 3 hours Part Time