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101 General Interest Short Courses


Arts and Design

Course Name   Duration
Illustration for Fashion Design with Petar Prodanovic 15 hours Part Time
Introduction to Fashion Styling 15 weeks Part Time
Pattern Making for Beginners 15 hours Part Time
Sew Your Own Fashion 8 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Introduction to Interior Decoration 8 weeks Part Time
Research, Analyse & Apply Colour for Interior Spaces 32 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Discover Acting - Term 1 8 weeks Part Time


Building and Construction

Course Name   Duration
Furniture Restoration 8 weeks Part Time
Musical Instrument Making 18 weeks Part Time

Business and Marketing

Course Name   Duration
Advanced Excel 2016 1 day Part Time
Advanced Word 2016 1 day Part Time
Basic Word 2016 1 day Part Time
Intermediate Excel 2016 1 day Part Time
Intermediate Word 2016 1 day Part Time
Outlook 2016 1 day Part Time
Word, Excel and Outlook 2016 Taster 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Digital Marketing 1 day Part Time
Savvy Social Media for Professionals 1 day Part Time

Community Services


Education and Languages

Course Name   Duration
Advanced English Speaking and Listening 8 weeks Part Time
Advanced English Writing and Grammar 8 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
I improve Numeracy Level 1 8 weeks Part Time
Prepare to Drive - Obtain Your Learners Permit 1 day Part Time

Government, Property and Legal

Course Name   Duration
Fundamentals of Property Investment 27 hours Part Time
Property Development Workshop 18 hours Part Time
Renovating for Investment 6 hours Part Time
Seminar: Top Tips for Purchasing Property 1 day Part Time

Hair and Beauty

Course Name   Duration
Back to Basics: Day and Night Make-Up Looks 1 day Part Time

Health and Lifestyle

Course Name   Duration
Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 3 hours Part Time
Provide First Aid 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Art for Wellbeing 3 hours Part Time
Course in Wellbeing and Resilience 4 days Part Time
Introduction to Wellbeing and Resilience 2 days Part Time
Organising Thoughts Through Art 3 hours Part Time
Wellbeing and Resilience - The Next Steps 2 days Part Time

Hospitality and Tourism

Course Name   Duration
Artisan Breads 2 days Part Time
Easter Baking 1 day Part Time
French Pastry Classics 2 days Part Time
Gourmet Party Baking 2 days Part Time
Healthy Ancient Grain Sourdough 2 days Part Time
Made in Italy 2 days Part Time
Modern Tarts and Tartlets 2 days Part Time
Novelty Cake Toppers 3 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Cheese Making 101 5 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Beer and Food Matching 1 day Part Time
Cheese and Beer Matching 1 day Part Time
Cocktails for Fun 6 hours Part Time
World of Bartending 30 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Cured and Smoked Products 3 hours Part Time
Sausage Making Made Simple 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Barossa Wine School - Level 1 & 2 9 hours Part Time
Basic Winemaking 10 days Part Time
Evaluate Wine - Standard and Advanced 8 weeks Part Time
Introduction to Wine Tasting 3 hours Part Time
WSET® Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits 24 hours Part Time

Information Technology


Mining, Engineering and Automotive

Course Name   Duration
General Motor Maintenance 6 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) - Basic 7 weeks Part Time
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) - Basic 7 weeks Part Time
Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW) - Basic 7 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Basic Field Geology 5 days Part Time
Remote Area Field Navigation 3 days Part Time

Primary Industries and Science

Course Name   Duration
Beekeeping for Beginners 2 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Basic First Aid for Pets 2 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance 2 days Part Time
Fell Small Trees 2 days Part Time