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106 General Interest Short Courses


Arts and Design

Course Name   Duration
Bra Making 6 weeks Part Time
Pattern Making for Beginners 15 hours Part Time
Sew Your Own Fashion 25 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Make Your Own Posy 1 day Part Time
Native Bouquets 1 day Part Time
Native Christmas Wreath 1 day Part Time
Table Arrangements 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Introduction to Interior Decoration 8 weeks Part Time
Research, Analyse & Apply Colour for Interior Spaces 17 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Discover Acting 8 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Assembling your Photography and Photo Imaging Portfolio 3 weeks Part Time
How to use your Speedlight 2 days Part Time
Learn Lightroom 3 weeks Part Time
Take your DSLR Camera off Auto 5 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Digital Video Editing 6 weeks Part Time


Building and Construction

Course Name   Duration
Basic Home and Building Maintenance 10 weeks Part Time
Furniture Restoration 8 weeks Part Time
Musical Instrument Making 18 weeks Part Time

Business and Marketing


Community Services


Education and Languages

Course Name   Duration
Advanced English Speaking and Listening 8 weeks Part Time
Advanced English Writing and Grammar 8 weeks Part Time

Course Name   Duration
I improve Numeracy Level 1 8 weeks Part Time
I improve Numeracy Level 2 8 weeks Part Time
I improve Reading Level 1 8 weeks Part Time
I improve Reading Level 2 8 weeks Part Time
I improve Writing Level 1 8 weeks Part Time
I improve Writing Level 2 8 weeks Part Time
Prepare to Drive - Obtain your Learners Permit 1 day Part Time

Government, Property and Legal


Hair and Beauty

Course Name   Duration
Back to Basics: Day and Night Make-Up Looks 3 hours Part Time
Henna Brows and Brow Waxing 3 weeks Part Time

Health and Lifestyle

Course Name   Duration
Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 3 hours Part Time
Provide First Aid 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Art for Wellbeing 3 hours Part Time
Course in Wellbeing and Resilience (10271NAT) 4 days Part Time
Introduction to Wellbeing and Resilience 2 days Part Time
Organising Thoughts Through Art 3 hours Part Time
Sandtray Therapy 3 hours Part Time
Wellbeing and Resilience - The Next Steps 2 days Part Time

Hospitality and Tourism

Course Name   Duration
Artisan Breads 2 days Part Time
Cake Decorating - Geometric Designs 9 hours Part Time
Christmas Baking 4 hours Part Time
French Pastry Classics 2 days Part Time
Gourmet Donuts 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Cheese Making 101 5 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Canape Kitchen 1 day Part Time
Feast in the Middle East 1 day Part Time
Korean Fermentation 2 days Part Time
Low and Slow - Braising and Smoking 2 days Part Time
Plant Based Cooking - Fresh Ideas 3 hours Part Time
The Art of Sous Vide 1 day Part Time
The Kids Kitchen - Regency - Growing Gourmets (7 to 12 yrs) 3 hours Part Time
Vegan Fusion - the New Vegan 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Beer and Food Matching 1 day Part Time
Cocktails for Fun 6 hours Part Time
World of Bartending 30 hours Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Cured and Smoked Products 3 hours Part Time
Sausage Making Made Simple 1 day Part Time


Information Technology


Mining, Engineering and Automotive

Course Name   Duration
General Motor Maintenance 6 weeks Part Time

Primary Industries and Science

Course Name   Duration
Beekeeping for Beginners 2 days Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Basic Dog Grooming 1 day Part Time
Basic First Aid for Pets 2 hours Part Time
Farriery Basics for Horse Owners 1 day Part Time

Course Name   Duration
Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance 2 days Part Time
Fell Small Trees 2 days Part Time