Become an artisan cheese maker

TAFE SA cheese making courses cover all aspects of artisan cheese production. Learn how to make soft ripened, blue vein, cheddar and non-bovine cheeses. Other topics include food safety, cheese science, new product development and troubleshooting. 

Cheese Making Courses

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Certificate III Program in Food Processing (Artisan Cheese)

Virtual Tour - Cheese Making at Regency Campus

Artisan Cheese Making Academy

The Artisan Cheese Making Academy Australia (ACMAA) delivers high-impact courses in the craft and business of artisan cheese production. The South Australian Government funded the Academy’s Cheesemaker in Residence initiative to strengthen the artisan cheese industry in this state.

With the assistance of some of the world’s leading cheese masters, the ACMAA delivers courses suitable for cheese makers, chefs, retailers or anyone who loves cheese.

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