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Jobs in travel and tourism are found wherever tourists want to go. This includes major cities and attractions, as well as on modes of transport to get there. TAFE SA tourism course focus on experiential learning, in and out of the classroom.

Field trips and excursions provide a hands-on experience of the industry. You can specialise in wine and eco-tourism, guiding and visitor information, sales and marketing or caravan park operations.

Tourism Courses

Qualifications Help…  National Code
Certificate III in TourismSIT30116
Certificate III in TravelSIT30216
Diploma of Travel and Tourism ManagementSIT50116
Apprenticeships and Traineeships Help…  National Code
Certificate III in TourismSIT30116
Courses for School Students Help… Duration
Certificate III in Tourism (SIT30116)12 months

The Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management (CRS1400588)

With a strong focus on business and management skills, TAFE SA’s Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management [CRS1400588] offers you a competitive edge for a career in tourism, hospitality and events both in Australia and internationally.

This three year degree is a comprehensive, industry relevant program that offers university level study in leadership, management, finance, marketing, international human resource management, customer service excellence and strategy.

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Tourism for High School Students

At TAFE SA you can get a taste of the tourism industry while you’re still at high school with our VET for Schools program. If you love tourism, might enjoy travelling, or are interested in events then our Tourism course might be just what you are looking for.

Our VET for School classes caters exclusively for high school students, with small class sizes, hands-on opportunities and lecturers with extensive tourism industry experience. The program includes topics relevant to the tourism, travel and event industries and is a great way to explore these industry sectors while gaining valuable points towards further courses or the SACE Certificate.

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