Pursue a career in food product development, production and processing

Food science and technology covers all areas of food and beverage production, including dairy, cheese making, retail meat butchery, meat processing, baking, wine and brewing. Laboratory operations involve the chemical and microbiological testing of food. This includes testing of ingredients that have recently become available. TAFE SA food technology courses can lead to technical and management roles in the food processing industry.

Food Technology Courses

Qualifications Help…  National Code
Diploma of Food Science and TechnologyFBP50118
Short Courses Help… Duration
Microbiology for Food Auditors5 days
International Courses Help… CRICOS Code
Diploma of Food Science and Technology099621G


Food Technology Facilities

Regency International Centre’s food processing equipment and laboratories are unique and unavailable in any other teaching institution in South Australia. These facilities enable students to learn how to prepare, process, package and label food to industry standards in quantities much larger than are generally made in any educational environment.

The food technology program’s specialist facilities include:

  • Brewery
  • Cheese room
  • Distillery
  • General food processing facility
  • Analytical laboratory
  • Sensory analysis laboratory
  • Microbiology laboratory
  • New product development laboratory

RIC’s production equipment and quality control mechanisms are larger than conventional pilot scale operations.

These systems serve as excellent industry standard models. The food produced is of the highest quality and is sold through numerous retail outlets.

Our analytical, sensory and microbiological laboratories are also of industry standard and permit all relevant analyses to be performed by the students.

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