Become a brewer of beer

TAFE SA beer brewing courses cover the entire brewing process, including ingredients, processes and packaging. You’ll get hands-on experience brewing beer in commercial microbrewery equipment, learn about beer styles and flavours, and develop technical skills. Learn about malt, hops and yeast, beer chemistry, fault-finding and packaging. You can also gain internationally recognised qualifications from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

Beer Brewing Courses

Qualifications Help…  National Code
Certificate III Program in Food Processing (Brewing)
Apprenticeships and Traineeships Help…  National Code
Certificate III Program in Food Processing (Brewing)

Get a taste for adventure

Learn how to brew your own craft beer with a Gastronomic Adventures short course. Gastronomic Adventures is an exciting program of gourmet short courses presented by TAFE SA’s finest food lecturers at the Regency International Centre.

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