Build a satisfying career in hospitality and tourism

Food, drink, travel and tourism are always in demand, leading to a growing range of career opportunities. The TAFE SA Regency International Centre delivers a range of hospitality, travel and tourism courses to prepare you for careers in food production and preparation, such as cookery, patisserie and baking. We also have courses in event management and customer service. If people skills are your strength, a front-of-house role in a hospitality or travel business might be for you.

Video: International Cookery Students

Watch the video to see some of our International Commercial Cookery Students learning French cooking techniques from a TAFE SA lecturer on the television program 'The Cook And The Chef'.

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Courses for International Students

Course NameIntake YearCRICOS CodeTAFE SA Code
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)2021089692JTP00882
Certificate III in Events2021093606MTP00938
Certificate III in Tourism2021093603CTP00988
Certificate III in Travel2021090941JTP00989
Certificate III in Patisserie2021093608JTP00990
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery2021094563JTP01015
Certificate III in Hospitality2021090936FTP01019
Certificate III in Baking20210100116TP01112
Certificate IV in Patisserie2021093609GTP00963
Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery2021094564GTP01016
Certificate IV in Hospitality2021090954DTP01021
Diploma of Event Management2021093607KTP00939
Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management2021093604BTP00991
Diploma of Hospitality Management2021090981ATP01022
Diploma of Food Science and Technology2021099621GTP01131
Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management2021091139ETP01023
Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management2021099074GAC00095
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)2020089692JTP00882
Certificate III in Events2020093606MTP00938
Certificate III in Tourism2020093603CTP00988
Certificate III in Travel2020090941JTP00989
Certificate III in Patisserie2020093608JTP00990
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery2020094563JTP01015
Certificate III in Hospitality2020090936FTP01019
Certificate III in Baking20200100116TP01112
Certificate IV in Patisserie2020093609GTP00963
Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery2020094564GTP01016
Certificate IV in Hospitality2020090954DTP01021
Diploma of Event Management2020093607KTP00939
Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management2020093604BTP00991
Diploma of Hospitality Management2020090981ATP01022
Diploma of Food Science and Technology2020099621GTP01131
Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management2020091139ETP01023
Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management2020099074GAC00095

Video: Lei Lei’s Story - China

Patisserie Manager Lei Lei shares his story of how his studies in Patisserie at TAFE SA led him on to complete a Diploma of Hospitality Management and ultimately to his job as the Manager of a successful café in Adelaide. Lei Lei explains how work placements during his TAFE SA studies gave him valuable real life industry experience.

Watch the Chinese subtitles version...

Diploma of Hospitality Management

Video: Donna's Story - Malaysia

International student, Donna from Malaysia tells why she chose to study her diploma of hospitality and diploma of management with TAFE SA and about her life in Adelaide.