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Build a satisfying career in hospitality and tourism

Food, drink, travel and tourism are always in demand, leading to a growing range of career opportunities. The TAFE SA Regency International Centre delivers a range of hospitality, travel and tourism courses to prepare you for careers in food production and preparation, such as cookery, patisserie and baking. We also have courses in event management and customer service. If people skills are your strength, a front-of-house role in a hospitality or travel business might be for you.

Tiros Restaurant

What’s it like learning Commercial Cookery at TAFE SA?

Check out our kitchens and hear from Huong Linh Tran and what she thinks about her study experience.

Courses for International Students

What is an industry work placement and how does it help?

Commercial Cookery student, Siu Hei Lui, talks about his industry work placement and how it has helped him to get ahead in his future career.

International students in Hospitality

Mony and Shigeyoshi are studying Hospitality at TAFE SA and explain why they chose their course.

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