Online study

Online study

Online courses offered by TAFE SA are wholly web-based courses, designed to engage and stimulate students.

Online courses aren't simply a collection of resources but offer support and guidance to students through interaction with skilled lecturers and other students via email, forums and chat groups. Online study provides great flexibility, as students can learn at their own pace, in their own space.

What’s more, online students may still be eligible to receive government funding, and online studies can also be used as a pathway to further studies at TAFE SA or university.

Is online study right for you?

Studying online is quite different from traditional classroom study. While it gives students great flexibility, it does require a lot of self-motivation.

If you have no prior experience of studying online, think about the questions below to see if you have a good chance of doing well via online study.

  • What type of learner are you? (visual, auditory or kinaesthetic)
  • Are you comfortable using or trying new technology?
  • Are you comfortable reading from a computer screen?
  • Do you have access to a computer, printer, scanner, headset and broadband internet access?
  • How often can you log on to access the course materials?
  • How much time can you spend on your studies each week?
  • Do you work well with minimal supervision?
  • Are you good with time management?

Remember, TAFE SA offers a number of study modes that offer varying levels of flexibility.

Online resources

Through forums and email functions in Learn (Moodle), online students are always in contact with their lecturer and each other. Help is often just a click away. To ensure the best learning experience and outcome, TAFE SA has also invested in various online learning resources such as:

  • Electronic books
  • Electronic databases
  • Video streaming
  • Podcasting