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Bower Place


Case study: Bower Place

Located in the heart of the Adelaide CBD in Gawler Place, Bower Place is a major centre for the development of expertise and knowledge in relation to the management and treatment of child, adolescent, adult and family matters.

Renowned for their training programs, Bower Place have supported more than 5000 practitioners seeking post graduate education and professional development in counselling and family therapy, and systemic practice.

Entry-level education courses are also offered through a unique training approach and partnership with TAFE SA.  Students at any level of qualification and experience can be exposed to real clinical and community practice.  Skill development previously reserved for the top end of the industry is available to all students seeking to work in the community services industry including students that may otherwise never have the opportunity to access such high-quality training.

What is provided?

  • Training
  • Employment pathways
  • Industry connections

Testimonial: Why TAFE SA

  • Working with TAFE SA provides the industry currency that the training packages require. The knowledge and skills are best practice, current and ongoing, and continuous improvement is weaved throughout all of the qualifications.
  • We recognise the importance of high-quality community services education which is pivotal to the wellbeing of our diverse community.
  • Students work alongside highly skilled practitioners; they gain practical experience working with real clients in the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic.

The benefits

The Bower Place and TAFE SA partnership has been able to develop a unique approach to teaching community and clinical practice; an approach that is conceptually and practically quite different to other teaching programs in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Working with people requires specific skills and practice, and the training at Bower Place enables student to have invaluable access to this.

For Bower Place, it means we can close the circle. Graduates enter the industry with a higher level of knowledge and skills to help strengthen our reputation as being a leading healthcare and training provider.

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