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Help to build resilient communities

A community services qualification from TAFE SA can lead you to a career in community development roles. Work with the aged, people with disabilities, or those in need of refuge or advocacy. Promote social benefit to the community through recreation, education and employment programs.

Employment opportunities include family services, social housing, youth services and juvenile residential facilities. Other options include alcohol and drug services, advocacy services, non-clinical mental health, and respite services.


Courses for International Students

Take the first step towards your career in childhood education and care

Working with babies and children can be incredibly rewarding. As a qualified early childhood educator, you have the chance to inspire and nurture, guide, and support children’s development in community education, or in settings including: childcare centres, preschools, classrooms, and out-of-school-hours care.

By studying the with TAFE SA, you can gain the nationally accredited qualification and skills you need to start working in the early childhood sector.  

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