Please ensure you have read and understood.

Students agree to abide by:

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

When enrolling into a TAFE SA course you must agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below.

  1. I confirm that all information provided pursuant to my enrolment/registration is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Any offer to a course, or any subsequent enrolment, made on the basis of untrue or incomplete information may be withdrawn or varied by SATAC or TAFE SA. 
  2. I agree to contact and advise TAFE SA as soon as practicable, if any of the information provided pursuant to my enrolment/registration changes.
  3. I agree to ensure that my personal contact details and information is maintained online via myTAFE SA Self Service account. Note, that requests to make name changes may only be made in person at your local TAFE SA campus suitable proof of identity will be required.
  4. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA reserves the right to refuse access to a funded training place in a particular qualification if I am not assessed as suitable to commence a course by the terms of external funding agreements. In these instances, TAFE SA will recommend alternative courses or full fee paying options.
  5. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA reserves the right to review my current skills and experience, and enrol me at the most appropriate entry level for any course in which I may be offered a place.
  6. I acknowledge and accept that if I fail to pay associated student fees, or have a third party pay fees on my behalf, or pay a required payment under an approved Fees-by-Instalment (FBI), FEE-HELP or VET Student Loans arrangement, within the timeframe nominated on my student invoice or that agreement, TAFE SA may enact any of the following courses of action
    6.1     restrict my access to TAFE SA facilities
    6.2     restrict my attendance in class(es)
    6.3    pursue any outstanding fees as a debt.
    NOTE: Debt recovery action will be taken by TAFE SA and/or TAFE SA’s debt collection agency to recover any outstanding fees. Non-payment of outstanding fees will incur a recovery fee which will be charged back to you and may result in recovery, together with any associated costs, by TAFE SA in a court of competent jurisdiction.
    6.4     withhold any results and/or qualifications due to me
    6.5     terminate my registration in a course(s) of study with TAFE SA
    6.6     refuse any further enrolment(s) in TAFE SA; and
    6.7     should I pay the outstanding amounts and be allowed to re-enrol, preclude me from entering into future Fees-By-Instalment / Financial Hardship Agreement or Payment Plan arrangements.
  7. I acknowledge that any results (including Statements of Attainment) and qualifications due to me upon completion of a unit(s), will be withheld until any outstanding fees are paid and if applicable, my Unique Student Identifier (USI) is provided and verified. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA may use the ‘Existing USI Search’ to retrieve correct USI information relevant to my enrolment/registration.
  8. I acknowledge and accept that if I do not attend or participate in units and am assessed as no longer active in my enrolled program, or if I formally withdraw, TAFE SA reserves the right to cancel my enrolment and terminate associated funding agreements.
  9. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA courses are reviewed and updated regularly in response to industry requirements and I may be required to transition to a revised course during the course of my studies (TAFE SA will provide sufficient notice to students and employers (where the student is an apprentice/trainee) should an update be required).
  10. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA may record group study sessions to aid student learning activities e.g. through video-conferencing, webinar or Skype for Business, and this may involve the collection of my personal information if my image or voice is captured during the activity.  I permit TAFE SA, which holds the intellectual property in the recorded materials, to use or licence such recordings for future educational delivery by TAFE SA or a licensed educational institution.
  11. I agree that if I am a participant in such educational delivery, and I choose to concurrently record the study session, I do not hold any licence to reproduce, transfer, distribute or display any of the recorded content in any public or commercial manner.  I also confirm that I will destroy my recorded version, if applicable, at the end of the semester in which I am enrolled in the class.
  12. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA is required by obligations under the Standards for RTOs 2015 as well as the State Records Act 1997 to retain student records and completed assessment items in accordance with required disposal schedules.
  13. I will ensure that my password to access TAFE SA Information Technology systems is kept confidential and that I will not share any login details or confidential information with any other person.
  14. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA reserves the right to cancel or change scheduled times, locations, mode of delivery and classes, having provided me with reasonable advance notice, wherever possible.
  15. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA collects information provided pursuant to my enrolment and studies and may use this information for statistical purposes, including reporting to other bodies.
  16. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA may communicate with me, and provide information relevant to my current enrolment and study, through email, phone and/or Short Message Service (SMS).
  17. I acknowledge and accept that I am required to participate in certain data collection activities, including surveys that TAFE SA is required to conduct by, or on behalf of, the State or Federal governments.
  18. I acknowledge and accept that TAFE SA may use my personal contact information (or disclose this information to a Third Party to act on TAFE SA’s behalf) to seek my participation in TAFE SA student surveys (other than those required by Government (as above)) or National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) student surveys, or in relation to undertaking pre- or post- training commencement assessment processes, further study opportunities, alumni information and/or newsletters related to TAFE SA events, unless I have withdrawn the acceptance for such purposes (see clause 19).
  19. TAFE SA will only release any personal information provided by a student, in accordance with the South Australian Government Information Privacy Principles. I advise that if I do not wish for my personal information to be used as detailed in clause 18 (above) that I select ‘I do not agree with information release’ during the TAFE SA enrolment process.
    If I accept at the time of enrolment, but change my mind in the future I agree to advise TAFE SA Information Services, in writing at
  20. I confirm that I have read and understood the abovementioned Terms and Conditions of Enrolment; as well as the TAFE SA Student Code of Behaviour; and related policies including, but not limited to, those policies listed on the TAFE SA website “Apply and Enrol > Before Starting > Policies and Responsibilities”, and that I agree to act in accordance with them.
  21. For co-signatories and guarantors of persons under the age of 18 at the time of enrolment only:
    As co-signatory and guarantor, I guarantee that the student will meet any fee payment obligations and should this not occur, I will pay all outstanding fees due and payable on the student’s behalf.