Students at TAFE SA must use information technology (IT) resources in an efficient, responsible and accountable manner. They must only be used for study-related purposes, and not for private business, non-course related or political purposes.

You may download materials from the Internet within reason, and in line with copyright regulations. The amount you can download will depend on the needs of your educational program.

You must not transmit, retrieve, store or display any topics or forums that deal with:

  • sexually explicit material
  • hate speech
  • offensive material
  • material regarding illicit drugs or violence
  • material regarding criminal skills and/or illegal activity
  • material of a defamatory, discriminatory or harassing nature.

At no time are you permitted to:

  • attempt unauthorised access to resources, such as hacking
  • mass email non-educational messages to groups or individuals
  • use equipment in any way that would reflect unfavourably on TAFE SA.

All IT and internet use will be monitored by staff and management, and action will be taken against any student who uses IT resources inappropriately.