The benefits of using your university studies and gaining a TAFE SA qualification include:
  • Increasing your employability skills with a license or registration offered in a range of occupations
  • Value adding to your degree by gaining industry-specific practical skills
  • Gaining an additional applied qualification to enhance your career prospects
  • Reducing the study load and tuition costs to complete a TAFE SA qualification


In situations where formal credit transfer arrangements are not listed, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Click here for more information about RPL.

Check our Uni to TAFE SA Credit Transfer course listing below.
If your uni course is not listed, your current skills and studies, if matched to a TAFE SA course, may earn you credit and/or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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Mining, Engineering and Automotive

Electronics and Communications

University University course TAFE SA program Details
TAFE WA South Metropolitan Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering (UEE50511) Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering CRS1400029 Details
TAFE WA South Metropolitan Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering (UEE50511) Associate Degree in Biomedical Engineering CRS1400351 Details

Primary Industries and Science

Animal Studies and Veterinary Nursing

University University course TAFE SA program Details
University of Adelaide Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing ACM40412 Details

Frequently Asked Questions    

How do I get credit for my Uni degree?

It is important to discuss your potential for credit with educational program specialists.
To claim credit, you must formally apply to TAFE SA in accordance with relevant processes and will be required to provide original evidence of your previous studies, such as an official academic transcript.  
Credit will be assessed and granted after you have been offered a place.
Find a TAFE SA Course for application.

I haven’t graduated from my Uni degree but want to come to TAFE SA

Credit is based on the subjects you have successfully completed even if you haven’t completed the whole degree. Our educational program specialists will discuss credit or recognition options once you have been offered a place in a TAFE SA award course.

Can I get credit for the entire TAFE SA course?

Due to the vocational nature of TAFE SA courses, a degree may not equate to an entire TAFE SA qualification. However, if you have work experience in the field, you may be able to claim skills recognition or RPL for the remaining units. This will be assessed once you have been offered a place in the TAFE SA course.

For further information on potential credit, recognition of prior learning, or to seek assistance in selecting appropriate course/units for your specific requirements, contact us.

Important Notice: Eligibility for credit does not provide guaranteed entry into a TAFE SA award course. The information included on this website is provided as general information only and will change from time to time. The information does not take into account specific circumstances that may be applicable to a student.