TAFE SA Degrees

TAFE SA has delivered Bachelor Degrees and Associate Degrees in specialised areas since 1997. These degrees have provided students with the opportunity to study applied vocationally based higher education qualifications in a more facilitated learning environment.

TAFE SA Associate Degrees are also designed to give you full credit into a related Bachelor Degrees at a University.

Students may be eligible for FEE-HELP to assist in deferring study costs.

TAFE SA’s higher education accredited courses are listed on the TEQSA national register.

TAFE SA’s higher education students and graduates participate in the Australian Government Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching surveys  - the results of these surveys are available on the QILT website.

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Partnership Degrees

TAFE SA has recently established Dual Award Partnership Degrees with Flinders University. Students enrol concurrently in the TAFE SA Diploma/Advanced Diploma and University degree enabling you to attain both qualifications within the time taken to study a single degree. Partnership Degrees are industry recognised and aimed to give you both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed for the workplace.

Partnership degrees are typically delivered from a TAFE SA campus, meaning you don’t have to change locations to benefit from the mix of different study components.  Some topics, however, provide an option of going to the university campus if you prefer. Please contact Flinders University for information about which topics are available at the Flinders University Bedford Park campus.

Applications for Partnership Degrees are through Flinders University. The appropriate link can also be accessed via TAFE SA Course Pages. If successful, students enrol in TAFE SA and Flinders University throughout their study. TAFE SA will guide students through enrolment in the TAFE SA component and Flinders University will guide students through enrolment in the Flinders University component.

Students who are eligible to defer their fees through VET-FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP, must apply to for both schemes to defer TAFE SA and Flinders University fees.

When students have completed the Diploma/Advanced Diploma component of their study (typically in 2nd or 3rd year), students can apply for the TAFE SA parchment. Upon completion of the Degree, students will receive their Degree from Flinders University.

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