Helping students achieve their goals

TAFE SA recognises that Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools programs are integral to helping students achieve their goals and transition from school to further education, training and employment.

Maintaining Partnerships

We will continue to maintain strong partnerships with schools through VET in Schools Agreements (VISA Schedules), TGSS, ASBAs, VET for Schools (FFS) courses and other delivery/assessment models that support the VET in Schools strategic purpose.


Visa Guide

2016 Resulting Requirements of Schools

In order for TAFE SA to provide timely verified results to schools for students engaged in VET studies with TAFE SA, schools are required to submit their VISA results to TAFE SA as early as possible. Schools are to submit VISA results via email.

TAFE SA will validate and verify these results in readiness for meeting the SACE resulting deadline.

Verified results are to be entered into the SACE system by December 5th 2016.

TAFE SA will report verified results back to VET coordinators in schools, including all types of activity for secondary school students, by the following dates:


Schools to provide VISA results to TAFE SA by:

TAFE SA will send ALL results to Schools by:

Semester 1

June 23rd

June 30th

Semester 2

November 4th

November 11th

Semester 2 (Final)

November 25th

November 30th