Standard Payment Plans  

TAFE SA understands that sometimes it is difficult for students to pay their fees, and offers the option of paying their course fees using a standard payment plan to eligible students undertaking eligible courses.

Fees Policy for Students

The TAFE SA tuition Fee is a student contribution to the cost of accredited vocational education and training that is subsidised. The list of courses eligible for  funding is administered and distributed by the SA Government.

The list includes Certificates I, II, III & IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualification levels and Degrees and Vocational Graduate Certificates.

The total TAFE SA tuition fee is calculated by multiplying the Unit of Competence hours by an hourly rate. This means that the cost of a course will vary according to the number of hours in each Unit of Competence and the number of Units of Competence studied.

TAFE SA Student Fee Policy Fact Sheet