Cellar Door Salesperson

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Job Prospects Below Average; Employment for this and related occupations is expected to grow moderately to 2014-15.
Salary Range $25,000 to $33,000
Brief Cellar door attendants or salespersons not only promote South Australia's award winning wines, they also help to promote SA as a tourist destination. There is not a great deal of information on Cellar Door Salespersons as most of the small and larger wineries throughout South Australia employ at least one cellar door salesperson, most of whom are generally employed on a casual basis. A good basis to beginning a career in this field would be to undertake some study in Wine Evaluation or Understanding Wines coupled with a Retail Sales course of study.

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Accredited (Award)


Cellar door sales salespersons, are the smiling faces welcoming visitors at wineries and the visitor centres associated with and located near those wineries. These attendants will not only provide you with a comprehensive rundown of a winery's available wines, they will also happily introduce you to all of a region's surrounding attractions.

Influencing and Personal Contact

Education Requirements

To gain entry into this occupation it is advantageous to have studies an course in Wine appreciation and knowledge, coupled with a retail sales course and possible some study in basic tourism.

TAFE SA offers courses relevant to this occupation including the Certificate II and III in Wine Industry Operations - Cellar Door Sales stream and Diploma of Food and Wine Management.

Still unsure? Then try a short course also offered through TAFE SA such as Basic Wine Analysis and WSET Level 1 Award in Wine. Check the website for the full list of short courses.

Career Path

Sue Jackman, an independent consultant for the wine industry, sees Cellar Door Sales attendants as the advocates of wine tourism, who play an integral role in promoting wine tourism both regionally and on a State level. Whilst permanent positions exist, peak employment prospects tend to be seasonal for cellar door sales attendants, however, its clearly a growing industry, which will result in more full time or permanent part time positions.

Nature of the Job

A cellar door salesperson is mostly involved cellar sales. However, they also need to have knowledge in all so they can answer customers' questions on the bottling process, the vineyard, or the history of the winery.

Everyone at a winery could be said to also work for the region. If someone wants to know about other wineries, or the restaurants and galleries in the region a cellar door sales person can help provide that information. It is part of our service and everyone in the region will benefit if we work together,'' says a former Cellar Door Supervisor and now Administrative Assistant, Robyn.

Typical Physical Working Environment

It is important that you genuinely like people and can have a good rapport with many different types of people. Some people are just happy to have a taste of the wine, others are interested in learning more. They also sell merchandise. This includes wine accessories such as glassware and decanters, jams, preserves, other local gourmet foods, honeys and books on the region,'' says Robyn. Attendants should have good product knowledge (although this can be learnt on the job), background knowledge about a winery's association with a particular region, some basic knowledge of the wine industry, winemaking and viticulture and some local knowledge, which they should be confident in sharing with the public. It doesn't hurt for brochures about the region and the winery, to be on hand for interested visitors. As you can gather, interacting with people is the most vital part of this job, therefore, good interpersonal and communication skills are a must. Because their role includes a sales function, its important for cellar door sales attendants to have basic mathematics skills and it is desirable to know how to use a cash register.

Typical Occupational Example

Its important that wineries or visitor centres be well presented. A roaring fire in winter is always inviting and any merchandise sold by the visitor centre should be attractively displayed. Presentation is a cellar door sales attendant's responsibility. Sometimes, visitors may not have organised their accommodation, or interstate or overseas visitors may not be sure how to go about it. Once again, these attendants or salespersons can advise them on places to stay in a region or refer them to the local tourism associations who generally provide free booking services. Cellar door sales attendants will also assist visitors with restaurant or cafe bookings. Robyn says that one of a cellar door sales attendant's key roles is of course, to present a winery's range of wines to the public and to better inform them about the wines' various characteristics and flavours.

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