Credit Transfer Agreement - Diploma of Hospitality

TAFE SA Course Diploma of Hospitality
TAFE SA Code TP00641
National Code SIT50313

University of South Australia Courses (1)

Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management)

University Qualification Detail
Description DBBT
Total Points 108 points
Duration 3 years
Credit Transfer Agreement Detail
Credit Points 27 points
Credit Details Credit is valid for 5 years after the completion of the TAFE SA qualification.

Students may be able to seek additional credit based on electives studied in the Diploma of Hospitality.
Conditions Completion of a Certificate IV, the Diploma of Hospitality, and the units listed below from the Diploma plus 15 electives, is required to claim full credit:

SITXCCS401 Enhance the customer service experience
SITXMGT501 Establish and conduct business relationships
SITXWHS401 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices
SITXHRM402 Lead and manage people
BSBDIV501A Manage diversity in the workplace
SITXCOM401 Manage conflict
SITXFIN402 Manage finances within a budget
BSBMGT515A Manage operational plan
SITXCCS501 Manage quality customer service
SITXMGT401 Monitor work operations
SITXMGT401 Monitor work operations
SITXGLC501 Research and comply with regulatory requirements
SITXHRM401 Roster staff
Specified Credit 18 units given for:
ACCT 1009 Accounting Principles for Business Decisions
BUSS 2065 Business Operations
BUSS 2068 Management and Organisation
BUSS 1060 Professional Development in Business
Specified Credit Amount 18 points
Unspecified Credit 9 units given for 2 x Electives
Unspecified Credit Amount 9 points

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