Credit Transfer Agreement - Associate Degree in Primary Health and Wellbeing

TAFE SA Course Associate Degree in Primary Health and Wellbeing
TAFE SA Code AC00083
National Code CRS1400419

University of South Australia Courses (1)

Bachelor of Community Health (Online program)

University Qualification Detail
Total Points 108 points
Duration 3 years
Credit Transfer Agreement Detail
Credit Points 45 points
Credit Details Credit is valid for 5 years after the completion of the qualification
Specified Credit COCU1008 The Social World - 4.5 units
HLTH1050 Exploring Global and National Health - 4.5 units
HLTH1052 Introduction to Mental Health - 4.5 units
HLTH1051 First Peoples Health - 4.5 units
HLTH2034 Health Promotions - 4.5 units
HLTH3065 Project Management for Health and Wellness - 4.5 units
HLTH2031 Professional Communication to Work in the Health Industry - 4.5 units
HLTH2030 Health Law, Ethics and Policy - 4.5 units
Specified Credit Amount 36 points
Unspecified Credit Elective 1 - 4.5 units
Elective 2 - 4.5 units
Unspecified Credit Amount 9 points

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