Credit Transfer Agreement - Diploma of Food Science and Technology

TAFE SA Course Diploma of Food Science and Technology
National Code 40531SA

University of Adelaide Courses (1)

Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science

University Qualification Detail
Total Points 72 points
Duration 3 years
Credit Transfer Agreement Detail
Credit Points 24 points
Time Equivalent 12 months
Credit Details Credit is valid for 5 years after the completion of the TAFE SA qualification.
Specified Credit 24 points, 8 courses - given for:
FOOD SC 1000RG - Introduction to Food Technology I (3 points)
FOOD SC 1002RG - Practical Food Production I (3 points)
PLANT SC 2500WT - Microbiology & Invertebrate Biology II (3 points)
FOOD SC 2502RG - Food Microbiology II (3 points)
FOOD SC 2503RG - Food Processing Technology II (3 points)
FOOD SC 2505RG - Food Quality & Regulation II (3 points)
FOOD SC 3021RG - Food Product Development III (3 points)
FOOD SC 3503RG - Food Processing Technology III (3 points)
Specified Credit Amount 24 points

Further Information

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