Credit Transfer Agreement - Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism

TAFE SA Course Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism
TAFE SA Code TP00536
National Code SIT60112

Flinders University Courses (1)

Bachelor of International Tourism

University Qualification Detail
Total Points 108 points
Duration 3 years
Credit Transfer Agreement Detail
Credit Points 45 points
Credit Details Graduates of this TAFE SA qualification are also guaranteed admission into the specified Degree.

Credit and guaranteed admission are valid for 5 years after the completion of the TAFE SA qualification.
Conditions Successful completion of the following TAFE SA units are required to claim credit:
SITXEVT501 Develop Conference Programs
SITXEVT602 Develop event concepts
SITXEVT505 Manage On Site Event Operations
SITXEVT502 Select event venues and sites
SITXEVT503 Manage event staging components
SITXADM501 Prepare & Present Proposals
SITXFIN401 Interpret financial information
SITXFIN402 Manage finances within a budget
SITXMGT502 Manage projects
SITXMPR404 Co-Ordinate Marketing Activities
SITXMGT501 Establish & Conduct Business Relationships
SITXMPR401A Coordinate Production of Brochures and Marketing Materials
SITXMPR502 Develop & Implement Marketing Strategies
Specified Credit 13.5 units given for:
BUSN1011 Accounting for Managers
BUSN1022 Marketing Principles
TOUR3106 Tourism Business Planning
Specified Credit Amount 13.5 points
Unspecified Credit 31.5 unit given for Elective Component
Unspecified Credit Amount 31.5 points

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