Credit Transfer Agreement - Diploma of Aquaculture

TAFE SA Course Diploma of Aquaculture
TAFE SA Code TP00171
National Code SFI50111

Flinders University Courses (1)

Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology and Aquaculture)

University Qualification Detail
Total Points 108 points
Duration 3 years
Credit Transfer Agreement Detail
Credit Points 9 points
Credit Details Graduates of the TAFE SA qualification are also guaranteed admission into the specified university degree.

Credit and guaranteed admission are valid for five years after completion of the TAFE SA qualification
Conditions The credit specified below is applicable to TAFE SA graduates of SFI50111 Diploma of Aquaculture who have completed the following:

SFICORE103C Communicate in the seafood industry

AND six of the following Group A electives:
SFIAQUA501C Develop a stock nutrition program
SFIAQUA502C Develop and implement an aquaculture breeding strategy
AHCBUS506A Develop and review a business plan
SFIAQUA509B Develop stock production plan
SFIAQUA503C Establish an aquacultural enterprise
SFIOHS501C Establish and maintain the enterprise OHS program
BSBRSK501A Manage Risk
SFIAQUA508C Plan and design stock culture systems and structures
SFIAQUA507C Plan and design water supply and disposal systems
SFIAQUA504C Plan environmentally sustainable aquacultural practices
SFIAQUA505C Plan stock health management
SFIAQUA510B Select, plan or design a system or facility utilising high technology water treatment components
Specified Credit BIOL1201 Introduction to Aquaculture - 4.5 units
BIOL2722 Disease and Immunology - 4.5 units
Specified Credit Amount 9 points

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