Remote Area Navigation


Do you know how to read a GPS? What about following a map? Perhaps being a navigator interests you?

This short course will provide you with basic map reading and GPS skills, enabling safe navigation in remote areas.

By learning how to read topographic maps, use a compass and operate/download a GPS unit, you will feel confident travelling anywhere in the world.

Course Details

Choosing a TAFE SA course for school students is a great way to get a vocational qualification while you’re still in high school. You may also gain valuable credits towards your SACE Certificate, an apprenticeship, or a diploma or university.

TAFE SA Courses for School students gives you a taste of what higher education is all about, makes you work-ready, and helps you build practical skills in an adult-learning environment.


Regency, Tonsley

Course Dates

Workshop dates can be negotiated


3  Days, Full Time


$ 340

Selection Criteria

Students 16 years and over

Other Details

Maximum of 10 students for 3-day course.

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