Beekeeping for Beginners


Did you know that bees are some of the most hard working and important creatures on earth?
Bees pollinate our plants and play a vital role in sustaining our planet's eco systems, and backyard beekeeping is an exciting way to help our bee populations thrive. 

If you're looking to get into beekeeping this short course is just for you.

The course will cover a range of topics including:
- introducing new hives
- potential pests and diseases
- honey extraction
- the legal requirements of keeping bees

Course Details

Choosing a TAFE SA course for school students is a great way to get a vocational qualification while you’re still in high school. You also gain valuable credits towards your SACE Certificate, an apprenticeship, or a diploma or university.

TAFE SA Courses for School students gives you a taste of what higher education is all about, makes you work-ready, and helps you build practical skills in an adult-learning environment.



Course Dates

Term 4, Oct to Dec, 2019 and Term 1, Feb to April, 2020.


2  Days, Full Time

Training Format


$ 185
per student price based on a group of 15 students. Group prices can be negotiated.

Selection Criteria

Students in Year 11 or 12

Other Details

We will supply all required equipment, including beekeeping suits and gloves. Note: Live bees will be used as part of the training. Please let TAFE SA staff know if you have any allergies, and provide your own medication.

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