Venepuncture & Specimen Collection

Duration6 weeks
Pre-requisitesYou must either be undertaking or have completed a nursing (EN or RN) qualification to undertake this course.


This short course is about learning the skills and knowledge for safe venipuncture, ensuring quality blood sample, preventing and responding to clinical risks adverse client reactions.

This course is fee-for-service and cannot be refunded unless cancelled by TAFE SA. A statement of attendance will be presented upon completion.

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Port AdelaideWed 6 Sep 2017Wed 11 Oct 2017Enrol Now
$400.00 GST inc
6 weeks x 3 hours
Wednesdays 3:00-6:00pm
Enquire8303 2703
Note: No refunds apply unless the course is cancelled by TAFE SA.

Skills Covered

Venepuncture & Specimen Collection
- Anatomy of the arm
- Tourniquets
- Palpating
- Common blood tests
- Blood
- Equipment
- Additives in tubes
- Procedure
- Centrifugation
- Identifications and labelling
- Request forms
- Haemolysis, haemoconcentration
- Looking up tests
- Needle, syringe, butterfly
- Paediatric collection
- Variables
- Troubleshooting
- Specimens other than blood