Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert (Office 365 and Office 2019) - Exam Only


To earn a Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert certification you must pass the following TWO Expert exams:

MO-101: Microsoft Word Expert (Word and Word 2019)
MO-201: Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019)

  • Basic computer skills PLUS earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Associate certification by passing THREE of the following Associate exams:

    -MO-100: Microsoft Word (Word and Word 2019)
    -MO-200: Microsoft Excel (Excel and Excel 2019)
    -MO-300: Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint and PowerPoint 2019)
    -MO-400: Microsoft Outlook (Outlook and Outlook 2019)

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Class Times
Exam only - continuous enrolments until 16 Dec
Student Visa (500)

Current VISA holders eligible



$210.00 GST inc

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