Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW) - Intermediate

Duration13 weeks
Pre-requisitesPerform routine manual metal arc welding (MEM05012C)
Select welding processes (MEM05051A)
Apply safe welding practices (MEM05052A)
Perform engineering measurements (MEM12023A)
Use hand tools (MEM18001C)
Use power tools/hand held operations (MEM18002B)
Example Career ProfileBoilermakers/Welder
Accredited UnitsWeld using manual metal arc welding process (MEM05015C)


Weld using manual metal arc welding process.

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13 weeks x 3 hours
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No refunds apply unless the course is cancelled by TAFE SA. International students on a Student visa (subclass 500) are not eligible to undertake short courses.

Skills Covered

Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW) - Intermediate
Increased material usage, fillet and butt welds. Preparing materials including pre heating, setting up of jigs, fixtures and clamps etc. Some access to thermal process.