Financial Services Skills

Duration8 weeks
Accredited UnitsWork effectively with others (BSBWOR203)
Work effectively in the financial services industry (FNSINC301)
Develop and use a savings plan (FNSFLT202)
Develop knowledge of taxation (FNSFLT206)


This course covers fundamentals of the Australian taxation system, personal money management, working as a team and an understanding of financial services industry practices.

Skills Covered:
1. Develop effective workplace relationships, contribute to workgroup activities and deal effectively with issues and problems and conflict
2. Communicate in the workplace, work safely, work in a team environment, develop effective work habits and work within business services industry guidelines, procedures and legislation
3. Identify and discuss the role of taxation in the Australian economy, identify and discuss personal tax, identify and discuss business tax and, manage tax liability
4. Discuss place of saving and investing today, understand risk as it relates to saving and investing, develop own savings plan and implement own savings plan

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