Basic Accountancy Principles for Tax Agents - TAFESA TPB 12 (Tax Agent Registration)

Duration16 weeks
Accredited UnitsProcess financial transactions and extract interim reports (FNSACC311)
Prepare financial reports (BSBFIA401)
Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities (FNSACC414)


TAFE SA offer the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) approved course which meet the education requirements set out by the TPB for those requiring board approved courses for Tax Agent registration and renewal.

Skills Covered:
- Sources of regulation of accounting
- Understanding financial statements for different business structures
- Transaction analysis
- Basic understanding of double entry bookkeeping
- Cash and accrual accounting
- Key concepts and rules integral to understanding financial statements including: Definition and recognition of revenues and expenses, Definition and recognition of assets, Definition and recognition of liabilities, Measurement of current-assets, including receivables and inventory, Measurement of non-current assets including depreciation and impairment and Measurement of liabilities
- Taxable income and accounting profit (loss)

To meet the requirements of a Board approved course in Basic accountancy principles to register as a tax agent, you need to have completed three tertiary level units which do not have substantial overlap of content. At least two of these units must be core units. This Basic accountancy principles course meets the education requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board for those needing board approved qualifications for Tax Agents.

If you have prior qualifications in Australian Taxation Law, you may not need to complete these courses. To discuss with a lecturer about selecting the correct course for you, please send an email to before enrolment.

This Basic accountancy principles course provides you with the skills and knowledge required to apply double entry accounting by identifying, classifying and recording the day to day financial transactions for a sole trader and performing end of period adjustments to produce financial reports. This course also covers this course also covers accounting principles and application required to prepare financial reports for partnerships, primary producers and not for profit organisations.

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You will be given 16 weeks to complete this course. If you study 4-6 hours per week, we estimate that you will be able to complete the course in this time frame. However as this online course is self-paced, if you prefer you are able to complete it in a shorter time frame.
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